MLG GameBattles/2K Series/Asia Pacific/2016-09-11

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MLG GameBattles 2K Series APAC 2016-09-11
Tournament Information
Location & Dates
Event TypeOnline
PlatformXbox One
CountryAsia Pacific
Start Date2016-09-11
End Date2016-09-11
WinnerMindfreaklogo std.png Mindfreak
SecondLogo std.png Rook Station

MLG GameBattles 2K Series Asia Pacific 2016-09-11 was an online tournament which took place on September 11th, 2016.



  • Single Elimination
  • Best of 5 Series

Game Types and Maps

Included maps and modes:

  • Execution: Canals, Clocktower, Fuel Depot, Gridlock, Mansion, War Machine

Prize Pool

Place Pro Points Prize Team Roster
Gold.png 1 2000 Mindfreaklogo std.png Mindfreak BxxndyJjmbobVirrixWjlly
Silver.png 2 1200 Logo std.png Rook Station Deejay at yaRest AsidezeeeeQTrue Lordz
SF.png 3-4 800 Logo std.png 德国骨科 Ares CN BOSSAres frank 1913LingHan89VK LONGXXX
Logo std.png 1match.gaming Ares DesperadoDevil huang 777GuruLeiMiracle FENG


  Semifinals Finals
  Mindfreaklogo std.png MF 3
  Logo std.png 德国骨科 0
  Mindfreaklogo std.png MF 3
  Logo std.png Rook Station 0
  Logo std.png 1match.gaming 0
  Logo std.png Rook Station 3